Sculpting and Mouldmaking

Oil Reproductions

Period Style Ceiling Paintings

Adaptations Of Originals

Flemish Still Life Copies

Oil Painting Decors

Rococo Style Ceiling Paintings

Original Oil Painting Panels

Chinoiserie Wall Paintings



My name is Gareth Williams. I studied Sculpture and Photography at St Martins School of Art, London, and at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, graduating in 1988 with a BA in Fine Art. For 25 years I have been working professionally as an artist –


  • A large part of my work has been in very traditional painting techniques – 1300 to 1850’s – specialising in originals, copies and pastiche of oil paintings, glue paintings. Researching  actual 15th – 18th C techniques in canvas preparation, underpaintings and the development of oil painting from egg tempera to the mid-1800’s.

If you wish to see more of the large scale projects go my website

  • Mouldmaking – making all kinds of moulds of original works in silicone, latex, polyester, polyurethane, plaster and plaster polymer fibre re-enforced moulds.

I have also worked in –

  • in bronze casting
  • in printmaking – intaglio, linoleum, woodcut, monoprinting,
  • as an art school technician
  • as a photographer
  • as a teacher running workshops in printing, papermaking and mouldmaking for art college students
  • as coordinator of the MICA Pre-College Programme at the Centre for Art and Culture in Aix en Provence


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